Saturday, July 10, 2010

Underdogs India rip apart Brazil in FIFA World Cup Final

The following blog is a newspaper article from the future which I got from a time traveler who travels from one world cup to another.

- Reuters
Rio de Janeiro, 5th July 2014:The two hundred thousand spectators who had come to the Estádio do Maracanã staduim on sunday to witness Brazil lifting the world cup for the sixth time were stunned and silenced as the surprise package of this tournament, India ripped apart Brazil with an emphatic win of 5 goals to 1.

Seems like,India who have been largely defensive throughout this tournament had saved the best for the final. Right from the word go, the Indian strikers Sunil Chhetri and Baljit Sahni troubled the Brazilian defense and found success as early as in the 14th minute, when Sunil Chhetri headed the corner kick into the net past the Brazilian goalkeeper.

India, continued to attack relentlessly and found 2 more goals before the first half. After the break in the 63rd minute, Indians further extended the lead when Baldeep Singh converted the free kick from just outside the penalty area. This was followed by another goal in the next minute when Sunil stole the ball from Marcelo and netted another goal completing his 5th goal of this tournament.It was only in the 87th minute Brazil scored a consolation goal when Marcelo converted a corner kick.

There was pin drop silence in the staduim when India was netting one goal after the other. "I have never seen such a huge group of people remain this quiet for a period of 90 minutes" said one the fans. "We were totally surprised by the Indian team, they took us by a storm. We are absolutely devastated , to lose this badly in front of the home crowd is torturous.We sincerely apologize to our supporters" said the Brazilian coach Dunga in post match conference.

Meanwhile half a world across in India people went crazy in the streets of Mumbai,Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata. They hadn't even expected Indians to qualify for the World. Now they couldn't believe that the trophy is coming home.
Even Sachin Tendulkar who had completed his 100th international century in the finals of the 2011 cricket world cup final against Australia said that this is bigger than their cricket world cup victory 3 years back. The Indian sports fans are in the top of the world. Now India is the only country who hold the world championships in two completely different sports.

Meanwhile , the morden day Nostradomas, Vignesh who had famously predicted in his blog that this would happen has become an instant celebrity. There were tonnes and tonnes of people queuing up at his residence in Trichy to get his autograph. When he was asked he said, Even I didn't expect that we would win the world cup. I just penned down my dream in my blog. Right now am very very happy just like any other Indian. He also played down the fact that he might be having some special powers. "I don't think that I have any special powers, but if the people think so, so be it. Am enjoying the attention am getting now" ,he said with a wink.

The first readers of his blog, however claim that he had mentioned he got this piece of information from a time traveler , but later had removed it from his blog. Hmmm..!! Unanswered questions..!! But the people in India don't really care now. They are too busy celebrating.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kottaimariamman in Stockholm..????

Commuting in Stockholm metro trains is always interesting. There are pretty girls all around and most importantly when you smile at them, they WILL smile back instead of giving quizzical looks like our own Chennai girls.(FYI I have not tried this @ Chennai).

But today something else made my journey interesting. For the first time a girl's accessory attracted more attention than the girl herself. Yes it was the bag she was carrying... She was carrying a kind of our own typical 'Manja Pai'(Yellow bag.. the kind of ones which they give away in shops like Sarathas etc etc) which only a person travelling from Tiruverumbur to Kumaresapuaram would carry.

Whats more interesting??? In the bag with big bold tamil letters it was printed 'Kottai Maariamman Thiruvizha' and there were some other details about the Tiruvizha all written in Tamil. I looked at the girl once more..!! She was definitely a Swede and she was walking as if she was making a style statement with the bag.

I was soo curious and was desperate to ask her where she got the bag from but as I was approaching her, her stop came she got down the train and disappeared into the crowd. Since I was not able to ask her, I am pouring down all my peelings in my blog. :(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tagged... :)

Well .. It feels good to be tagged like this especially when you are what to write in your blog to make it active. Thanks Archana .. So folks here goes the tag.

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1.The Person who tagged you : Archana

2. Seven people I tag are : The people whom I would tag are already tagged. So no point.

A – Available/Single? Depends upon who the gal is.

B – Best friend? Have load of them. Being with friends is fun

C – Cake or Pie? Cake. What a strange question!! It should have been Idli/Dosa instead.

D – Drink of choice? Nayar Kada Chaya..!!!

E – Essential item you use every day? Keyboard,Mouse

F – Favorite colour? Black ,Blue, White

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Ennadhu..?

H – Hometown? Trichy but it is Namma Chennai now

I – Indulgence? Watching news and doing vetti browsing.

J – January or February? February since it has lesser number of working days.

K – Kids & their names? Will answer this question ASAP.

L – Life is incomplete without? Fun

M – Marriage date? Tomorrow.

N – Number of siblings? 1 elder brother

O – Oranges or Apples? Oranges

P – Phobias/Fears? Nah..!! I can't think of any fears now.

Q – Quote for today? "I wud rather stay single let the single heart of mine to shatter, instead of breaking million hearts by being committed" ... :P (Konjam over than adjust pannikonga)

R – Reason to smile? Pretty looking gals.

S – Season? Monsoon..!!! if the city floods school and offices would be shut down. Also there is nothing better than sipping hot tea while watching the rain.

T – Tag 7 People? Pass..

U – Unknown fact about me? If I tell it the fact would be known to everyone and the answer here would become incorrect.

V – Vegetable you don't like? Brinjal

W – Worst habit? Procrastination.

X – X-rays you've had? My teeth.

Y – Your favorite food? Idly/Dosa from Mom.

Z – Zodiac sign? Virgo (Bday August 25th. People who read this can send me Bday wishes :P ).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

WOW!!!! What a match..

Thank God it poured @ St.Lucia today, for if it hadn't rained I wudn't have got to watch one of the greatest Wimbledon finals ever played.Yea that stupid dish tv connection expired today and I was left with no other option but to watch whatever they telecasted on DD National. Unfortuanately Doordarshan had decided to give importance to a dull cricket match being played in the Caribbean over the Wimbledon final. They however telecasted the tennis match merely to fill the voids created by the rain breaks of the cricket match.Thank god the rain never stopped and I got to watch uninterrupted tennis (truly uninterrupted because there wasn't even a single commercial break during the match)

Man!! What a match it was...!!! At the end of the match I felt happy since I have always been a supporter of Roger and his style of tennis and I wanted him to win desperately. But at the same time I really felt sorry for Andy. Everyone(or atleast me) thought that Roger would destory Andy in 3 sets. But Andy who was almost written off last year, surprised everyone by making a fantastic come back. He tennis was almost flawless today; even the great Roger wasn't able to break him for over 4 hours in one of the most thrilling and intriguing final ever.I felt Andy was slightly better than Roger today and he deserved to win.

Tennis is such a cruel (or crazy as RF mentioned) sport that few unforced errors from Andy in the 30th game of the final set took the match away from him. Am sure that if someone takes a survey among those people who watched the finals @ the centre court asking who deserved to win the match , I am sure that a majority of them would say Roddick.

Roddick might have lost the finals, but he would have won many fans by the way he played and by the way he conducted himself during the presentation cermony. He has got an amazing sense of wit;the way he apologised to Pete was simply awesome. It made everyone smile. Had Roger lost the match I am sure that he would have broken down and cried like a little kid. Thats one of the few things I hate about Federer. (Yuck cry baby....He cries a lot. Sometimes he cries even if he wins.)

On the whole it was a great match and I will rate it as the 2nd best Wimbledon final I have ever watched.(The first being the 2001 final between Goran and Patrick). It was so good that even the cricket expert panel who were supposed to discuss the fourth ODI between India and West Indies were discussing about this anazing final . :) :)...(Cricket for once was sidelined lol...)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

OMG!!!! I am almost 24...

People around me usually don't ask me 'How old are you?' They have replaced that question by 'What is your work experience?' these days. So over the period of time I had conveniently forgotten my actual age....

The other day during one of our lunch breaks when one of my collegues asked my age I actually had to do some math to find it out.. It is 2009 minus 1985 so that would be 24 I said...!!! Wait a minute!!! Did I actually say 24..? OMG!!! I would be 24 this August..that is just a year away from completing quater of a century in this earth... (Why are you doing this to me God.. I don't want a another B'day please.. I ve already had enough of them..)

Actually there were a number of signs which were telling me that I am older than I thougt I was. I just failed to read them.These are just some of them :)

Over the past few years, though I dont remember when it started, the shopkeepers and strangers in the road have started to call me 'sir' ( or 'saar' rather) instead of 'thambi'!!!

You get invited to lots of weddings these days and the wedding invitation cover contains the words ' To Vignesh and family' instead of 'To my dad's name' and family.. These people actually think that I old enough to have a family or what??

My first neice was born when I was in my primary school.. I was expecting that I would be introduced to her as 'Vignesh Uncle' that day!!!U know being called 'uncle' would have made me feel like a grown up.. but much to my dismay I was introduced to her as 'Vignesh anna'. But now when I went to meet my most recent neice when I expected that I would be introduced to her as 'Vignesh anna' I was introduced to her as 'Vignesh Uncle' .. :(

Kids always wanna be grown ups and grown ups always wanna be kids...