Saturday, July 10, 2010

Underdogs India rip apart Brazil in FIFA World Cup Final

The following blog is a newspaper article from the future which I got from a time traveler who travels from one world cup to another.

- Reuters
Rio de Janeiro, 5th July 2014:The two hundred thousand spectators who had come to the Estádio do Maracanã staduim on sunday to witness Brazil lifting the world cup for the sixth time were stunned and silenced as the surprise package of this tournament, India ripped apart Brazil with an emphatic win of 5 goals to 1.

Seems like,India who have been largely defensive throughout this tournament had saved the best for the final. Right from the word go, the Indian strikers Sunil Chhetri and Baljit Sahni troubled the Brazilian defense and found success as early as in the 14th minute, when Sunil Chhetri headed the corner kick into the net past the Brazilian goalkeeper.

India, continued to attack relentlessly and found 2 more goals before the first half. After the break in the 63rd minute, Indians further extended the lead when Baldeep Singh converted the free kick from just outside the penalty area. This was followed by another goal in the next minute when Sunil stole the ball from Marcelo and netted another goal completing his 5th goal of this tournament.It was only in the 87th minute Brazil scored a consolation goal when Marcelo converted a corner kick.

There was pin drop silence in the staduim when India was netting one goal after the other. "I have never seen such a huge group of people remain this quiet for a period of 90 minutes" said one the fans. "We were totally surprised by the Indian team, they took us by a storm. We are absolutely devastated , to lose this badly in front of the home crowd is torturous.We sincerely apologize to our supporters" said the Brazilian coach Dunga in post match conference.

Meanwhile half a world across in India people went crazy in the streets of Mumbai,Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata. They hadn't even expected Indians to qualify for the World. Now they couldn't believe that the trophy is coming home.
Even Sachin Tendulkar who had completed his 100th international century in the finals of the 2011 cricket world cup final against Australia said that this is bigger than their cricket world cup victory 3 years back. The Indian sports fans are in the top of the world. Now India is the only country who hold the world championships in two completely different sports.

Meanwhile , the morden day Nostradomas, Vignesh who had famously predicted in his blog that this would happen has become an instant celebrity. There were tonnes and tonnes of people queuing up at his residence in Trichy to get his autograph. When he was asked he said, Even I didn't expect that we would win the world cup. I just penned down my dream in my blog. Right now am very very happy just like any other Indian. He also played down the fact that he might be having some special powers. "I don't think that I have any special powers, but if the people think so, so be it. Am enjoying the attention am getting now" ,he said with a wink.

The first readers of his blog, however claim that he had mentioned he got this piece of information from a time traveler , but later had removed it from his blog. Hmmm..!! Unanswered questions..!! But the people in India don't really care now. They are too busy celebrating.


aswin said...

Man..really impressive !! kalakara da !! very good work :)

aniprodigy said...

hmm i m commenting that people should know the time traveller is me :P ...!!! Anyways the last 2 paras were good ..taken by surprise !!!

AV said...

new theme?!? nicee..

viki said...

@ Aswin .. Thanks da.. !!!

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@Anik.. U arent the time traveler.. U are traveling with me.. and u didnt give me the newspaper article..

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awesome!!! :) it washes away all the other writings buddy !!!

Jayashri said...

awesome!!! :) it washes away all the other writings buddy !!!